Lyle James Alfred Taylor

Captain Sinister

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Seen him in Sainsbury’s at Colwick a few times, so assume he’s living in that neck of the woods.
I live in the Vale of Belvoir; you may have seen me in Sainsbury's at Colwick.
It is the best one around.
The one in Melton is not very nice.
And we wouldn't go to the one in BGrantham because... it's in Grantham.


Steve Chettle
Signed for Wycombe in time to play in front of a massive crowd at PP on 16 December. Hope he scores the winner.
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Bob McKinlay
He should do well in that division, it's up his alley in that there is a lot of lumps to scrap with. That's it basically.

Hands down one of the most unpleasant players I have watched in a Forest shirt. First impressions I was quite excited as he added a bit of fire & aggression, but that's all his contribution consisted of as he spent entire matches just fighting with defenders twice his size and had no interest on doing anything with the ball.

People will remember him for his goals against Bristol but for me my main memory of him is in one of Hughton's last games against Cardiff where we just kept launching it up to him and he never watched the ball when it was coming he was just wrestling with the defender over and over again.
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