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Jonjo Shelvey


Geoff Thomas
Anyway, mildly embarrassing, but sounds like no rules were actually broken, and the end result is Shelvey is off the books. Hey ho.

I'm Red Till Dead

Stuart Pearce
Have the POST lost it? Didn't we sign Jonjo Shelvey over to the Turkish club at the start of the season when we found out we already had our full quota of players loaned out?

Club director makes 'we will add' transfer claim for Nottingham Forest exile

Çaykur Rizespordirector Hasan Yavuz Bakır hopes a deal can be struck with Nottingham Forest to ensure Jonjo Shelvey remains with the Turkish club.

The 32-year-old has been with the Super Lig club since September and since he was bombed out of the first team squad by Steve Cooper. Shelvey has not played for Forest since April 23 but has been a key player for his current club.
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One less gobshite...


First Team Squad
I would be shocked if we got 5m for a player that doesn’t belong to us anymore. He wasn’t on the list submitted to the PL.
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