Jonjo Shelvey


Chrissy Cohen
He looks like Tom Hardy in Star Trek: Nemesis


So it's a yes from me


Chris Hemsworth but better looking
Only reason we would be in for him is if Yates is more serious than we thought. Otherwise we have Freuler, Yates, Danillo, Scarpa and Colback with Kouyate to come back.


Stuart Pearce
Don't see where he fits in the current system. He's not going to replace MGW and isn't even as good as Lingard.

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Listen 'ere young man

Jack Armstrong
Whenever i have watched Newcastle recently when they were shit, he's always been a standout. If he's still got it, he'll do a job driving the team forward.

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John Robertson
I think this signas that the info about Yates was true
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Stuart Pearce
Kouyate is definitely out for the season if JJS comes in. In the 433 that leaves us:


Bang on our MO of having 2 players for each position.


A. Trialist
Does anyone know how reliable this Luke Edwards fella is?

Very reliable for NUFC stuff.

This seems very plausible. He is a high earner and close to triggering a contract extension which we probably don't want. Barely played this season due to injuries and is still injured now, not due back for a while I believe?

He's effectively the same player he was all those years ago at Liverpool. Very good on the ball, capable of great moments, but very immobile and often a bit of a passenger. Also suffering a lot from recurring injuries of late.
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