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Totally get that this was a very private health issue, hard to deal with and no-one else's business, but I personally think it's the kind of thing people could share, if they felt up to it. It maybe helps others going through the same thing and generally people do show compassion and understanding. Plus, it does help to talk.


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Thank you for that, I am sure, on behalf of my fellow Mods, it’s nice to get a nod of appreciation!

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Just goes to show you don't know what's going on. Though I don't seem to recall it affecting his availability or performances an awful lot.

Good to see it was picked up, treated and dealt with at the time and no-one seemed to know, which is absolutely how it should be unless the player wants it to be known.

If a player's not available and the club isn't giving much away, I guess we don't and shouldn't have the right to know why... it could be serious, or sensitive (and not even necessarily an injury).
Not unlike Yates for a period last season.


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Had no idea and certainly again shows that you can't ever truly know what battles people are going through.

I personally didn't mind him and his laddish ways, thought at the level we were at he was decent and when he left he did so for decent money given his contract was up at the end of the season.

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