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Geoff Thomas
England took great penalties against Switzerland but some folk are making out like Southgate is a penalty shootout guru forgetting that we lost the final of this tournament 3 years ago with shambolic penalties, think we also lost a game in that joke nations league thing on penalties under this knob jockey
Much the same as every aspect of the performance. The incompetent manager is being bailed out by the talent, spontaneity and character of his players.

Winning despite him not because of him.

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Geoff Thomas
That VAR decision was brilliant. Absolutely laughable. Kane kicks the defender, and we get a pen. Love it.


Free Kick Specialist
That VAR decision was brilliant. Absolutely laughable. Kane kicks the defender, and we get a pen. Love it.
Is scratwell on VAR tonight?

sammy the snake

Jack Armstrong
I’m still confused by that pen. 1. England didn’t shout for a pen 2. Netherlands didn’t complain when the ref awarded the pen

lol I would say England were lucky bastards but overall a way better performance, dominating play and creating some great moves.

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Viv Anderson
Kane was the worst player on the pitch by a million miles.

We all know he's quality so he can't be fit. Absolutely can't start the final based on that performance.

Bryn Gunn

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Definitely our best performance of the tournament tonight.

We'll need to step up another couple of gears to beat the Spanish, mind you.

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Agreed. The first half performance was what we have all wanted to see.
Need 90 mins of that against Spain plus more from the likes of Bellingham, basically we’ll need everything we’ve got, throw the kitchen sink at them if need be.
If Southgate wins it, then I still hope he leaves after the tournament.

We have been exceptionally lucky throughout the tournament via decisions, last minute goals and the draw.

Looking at the England squad then you’d say that with a less conservative manager we have a great chance of winning the WC in 26.

We are well stocked in multiple positions, but require unearthing talent in the fullback and CF positions, with Kane, Toney and Watkins all being 30 or over by then.

A lot of that team could play together for the next six years. England need to make it count this time.

However, once the current Brazilian crop mature in 4+ years we won’t have a chance!!


Ian Bowyer
He got away with it again because of the performances of individuals.

I like the guy as a person but overall England have been struggling through games unnecessarily. Spain have been flying and that's how England should be playing in my opinion.

However last night he did all that could be asked of him with his limitations. He brought the right people on at the right times. Credit to Gareth this evening.


Viv Anderson
Seems to have the man management skills of Clough and the tactical skills of Megson.

Let's hope the former is enough, but whatever happens now, he's wonders for the whole Engkand set up.

Gyros Peter

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I was concerned we were playing too well to get through first half but fortunately we turned it down second half... On to the final where we claw Spain to our level and win the thing as was written.

Arise Sir Gareth; behold Saint Gareth!


Can't Play Left-Back
Southgate has to go after Sunday no matter what. He's used all his luck up now, all his his 9 lives etc and that won't carry through to another tournament. But he got it right last night. How much that first half was down to him, or the players taking the game by the scruff of the neck after going 1-0 down after 5 minutes, we'll never know. The penalty was never a penalty. If that had been given against Forest we'd go apoplectic! But he got his subs spot on. Watkins did exactly what Kane wasn't doing (and Toney can't), and Palmer's ball was a beauty.

We could beat Spain, but we'll most likely get a bumming. But maybe their style will suit us and allow Bellingham and Foden to cut them apart. I'm probably clutching at straws. What I will say about this England team is what they lack in personality, they make up for in character.

Any Time Now

Jack Armstrong
I actually think the penalty was the right call despite being harsh, if you make that late contact anywhere else on the pitch it's a free kick and nobody thinks twice. I'm more surprised VAR didn't pick up on the ball clearly coming off the hand of Saka just before


Stuart Pearce
2 finals in a row as well as a semi and a quarter final. People talk about ‘how we should be winning trophies with this team’, but that shows a lack of respect for other teams, as well as a lack of awareness for just how difficult tournament football is. At this level, you are up against some of the world’s best and it’s not realistic to expect us to dominate every game.

Previous generations have also had their ‘golden generations’ and have done f*** all and I think because we don’t smash teams 5 nil, GS gets no respect. Football is a results business and there aren’t many others that match Southgate in that department over recent years. Would I like us to play free-flowing, attacking football? Yes. Would that result in trophies? History shows us not.

It shows just how far we have come as a team where we are in a major final, and fans are disappointed with how we have got there! The history books will record the results and achievements of this team and nobody will be talking about the tactics.

Gareth Southgate has been responsible for bringing in a regime where young players get their chance early, and where we already have the next generation lined up ready to step up and replace the older players. Objectively, we have made massive strides with our national team and are well placed to challenge for years to come.

I think that one day we will look back at this generation and appreciate how well they have done

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