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Wilfried Gnonto (BUPA)


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Gyros Peter

Sauce salad?
He was their best player when we played them in the premier league at the city ground a few years back
There manager's tactics (Marsch was it?) seemed to be kick it to Gnoto and hope he can create something.

Not sure about this link - don't think it's true we've officially bid but perhaps we are sniffing round for a cut price deal. Don't they want 30m plus for him?

Timothy Pope

I know that Nuno that I know that Nuno that I know

Bob Fossil

Nottingham's dirty secret

With a silent G.

Don'y want him here. Don't like his attitude. Same with Chalobah from Chelsea. f*** them both off.

We should also have had that attitude when it was obvious we were the fat ugly bitch waiting for Sangare after he'd failed in his attempt to pull a sexy heavyweight suitor.

Elanga is the perfect example of a player who has come to prove his worth and given everything. Slightly off topic but an example of a player who's attitude & determination are phenomenal. His training videos only convince me further that he's gonna absolutely smash it next season:

Gnonto & Chalobah are wasters we can do without/
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It's not silent, it's like the gn in lasagna - pronounced Nyonto.

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