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Wilfried Gnonto (BUPA)

Bob Fossil

Nottingham's dirty secret
Leeds player as well all know. Apparently offered £20m but it's from africafoot- which sounds like a tropical disease so we'll see....



Marco Pascolo

First Team Squad
Will start to believe it if some of other journos pick up on it, If we are seriously interested in him and we can get him back to the form when he first signed for Leeds we have a serious player on our hands


John Robertson
well, unless cho or elanga is leaving, he'll be a backup winger , too expensive and he'll throw a fit on the bench and hoping either one gets injured.

Aussie Forest

First Team Squad
Agree. I asked my Leeds supporting mate( everyone has one) about Gnonto and he said

“Apparently trains hard and is a good bloke in the change rooms but he’s one of those blokes who thinks he should be playing for Real Madrid and I don’t think he’d be very loyal. He’s done his best to leave twice now, which I get”

That concerns me
no thanks to both. I'll take my chances with the young and unknown wingers we had been linked with.


Formerly JLingz
Not for me. In the season Leeds went down there seemed to be a lot of hype around him but he never really impressed. Then he wanted out, kicked up a fuss and didn't really tear up the Championship like some of the Leeds players did.

Anyway, I'm not putting my mortgage on this one considering the source.
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