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Trevoh Chalobah (BUPA)

I think we need a RCB and LCB, either side of Boly in a back 3 ideally for me, Omo as primary back up. Might even need another if we went to 3.
Oosterwolde (who has been rumoured) is a LB, but has played LCB also. At 189cm he could be an option.

Abbey is left-footed, as is Carmo.


Geoff Thomas
good injury record


Viv Anderson
I think the phrase he used before when we tried to sign him was, thanks but no thanks. It was a more respectful rejection than is perhaps being suggested on here. A rejection none the less.


First Team Squad
He's a very good player and if we can get him I don't care at all if he turned us down previously. We'd probably be selling it to him as "come here, be first choice, play really well for us for a year or two and get a move to a champions league club", and that's fair enough really, it's how we're going to progress.

Marco Pascolo

First Team Squad
If he does now want to come and he has spoken to CHO about it id go for him but not as a replacement for Murillo but to partner him as we need a right sided centre back as we only got Boly and Andrew


First Team Squad
Didn’t want us lat year ,so it’s a no from me
Don't really know him as a player, but unless they are 80% plus wanting to be HERE, we should avoid any player

The spare 20% is for young, hungry players with fitness and ability who are looking to progress. Ill let them in for the profit until we become a destination club 🤣

sammy the snake

Jack Armstrong
Seems… capable but certainly nothing amazing looking at his clips, I know they won’t tell us the full story but for me, is he dynamic enough to help move the team in the right direction? We should be looking elsewhere tbh


John Robertson
I must admit I haven't watched Serie A since it was on Channel 4 in the nineties! No idea what he is like, just passing on a reported rumour

(Own) gooooooaaaaaallllll Red Dogggggiooooooo!
It was in Serie B he played for Parma. Looked ok but nothing special. Nice chap though and speaks perfect english.

Berkshire Red

Jack Armstrong
He's a muppet who won't get the move he wants 'cos he's really not that good.

His brother had attitude too, he's just signed for Sheffield Wednesday, obviously he's not quite as good as he thinks either.
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