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Bob McKinlay
I honestly don't get the outrage or give a toss about discipline records. The only time it becomes an issue is if he is getting red cards every other game.

I wouldn't want a player not going into a challenge for the sake of cleaning up his discipline. If anything, it means he is going into a lot of challenges which is what you want from a midfielder.


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Perhaps it's in his contract? Got to get the assists up somehow.

Everyone remembers David Beckham 's free kick in injury time against Greece that day. Most people forget the 8-10 kicks he had during the game, each of which could/should have gone in.

CF Lansbury.


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Thought he put everything into it today and did little wrong. An awful lot of 'Lansbury-bashers' out there if you ask me?!


Grenville Morris
Think he knows he's got a fight on his hands to stay in the team now. Expect that if he doesn't leave in this window, he'll sign his deal.
Bang on, hopefully playing the kids in his place as stuck a rocket up his arse. He's a good player, he just cruises by to much.
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