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James David Garner


Steve Chettle
Lamps won't know what to do with him and he will be written off as the latest flop that's the worst part of it
Yeah, not a great move for his development. Lampard's tactics don't go much further than sticking 11 players on the pitch and hoping they are good enough to beat the opposition. A real waste if things go the way I think they will.


Grenville Morris
Good luck to him, shit luck to Everton.

Freuler, mangala, Yates, O'Brien, and. kouyate gives us great depth for two spots. He'll be a success but will quickly realize fwank is shit.

I think if he'd made himself available earlier we might not have got Freuler?

Gyros Peter

Sauce salad?
Yeah the timing of it was just unfortunate. Man Utd make that decision earlier and I’m sure we have him rather than Freuler or Kouyate.
I'm not so sure - I think, rightly or wrongly as time will tell how much of an impact he makes this season, we've favoured experience in the middle, in addition to the younger ones in O'Brien, Mangala and MGW.

While I'd like to have found a way to work in Garner, who will be a good midfielder at this level in time, I'm not unhappy with our work in the middle.


Bob McKinlay
He doesn’t half look like a lad from Liverpool. Very Everton.
He is a Liverpool fan though!

Not that they will care, the Liverpool / Everton rivalary is the most overhyped in the world. They are all pally-pally. I have never thought same city rivalries have the same hatred that city to city rivalries do.

Any Time Now

Jack Armstrong
If he went for £15-20m i'd find it easier to understand, but £9m for an England U21 who can play anywhere in the middle, runs his self into the ground covering every blade of grass every single game, provides quality deliveries at set pieces, played comfortably under oppositions press, had a great partnership with Yatesy AND most importantly had the right character

f*** sake Jimmy tell Lampard to do one and come home

Timothy Pope

I know that Nuno that I know that Nuno that I know
f*** all we could do about it though. ManU we’re f***ing Garner about and we’d filled our midfield slots twice over by the time they decided to let him go.
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