Incident Involving Billy Sharp


Viv Anderson
Totally awful completely unprovoked assault when he seemed to be looking in the other direction. Deliberately shoulder charged and knocked to the ground by some fat bloke during the pitch invasion.

Thankfully caught on Sky cameras. Decent sentence and lifetime ban for the twat who did it please.


Stuart Pearce
I hope he gets banned and let me have ticket for the final…

In all seriousness it’s a disgrace and I hope he gets called out by us and named so we can ban him.


Ale ape.
Absolute idiot, I condemn him in the highest possible manner and feel he has brought the club and every other fan into disrepute. I hope the club make it clear he won’t be welcome back. Ever.


oopsy daisy!
I hope Billy Sharp is OK first and foremost.

A good bloke, a good footballer and did absolutely nothing to deserve that.

As for the cretin that assaulted him, I hope he is found and locked up for a long time. There is no place for that in society.

He brings shame on every Forest fan. On an evening like tonight to see that just leaves you feeling hollow.

Once again, I hope Billy Sharp is OK.


Steve Chettle
No doubt he's earned himself a lifetime ban at the very least.

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Bryn Gunn

The Foam Hand
I said it in the Sheff Utd fan comments thread, we’ve got as many idiots as they have, I know because I used to be one of them.

No need for it but make no mistake, it would have been the same at Bramall Lane if they had invaded the pitch.


Stuart Pearce

Hope someone communicates to Billy most reds won't approve.

That’s my feeling as well I like Sharpy a lot and of all the Sheff I players him and Osborn don’t deserve any shit. I just feel really deflated by that. As Congo said it brings us into disrepute.

I hope we all channel our inner cloughies and deal with this with honour not like the scousers. Own this horrific incident realise it’s wrong condemn it and ban the individual. Than apologise to Billy sharp and donate a large sum to his charity.


Steve Chettle
There has to be one fucking idiot to take the gloss off our best moment in over 2 decades.
And of all the people to assault, not that it should be anyone, but Billy Sharp.
Beyond disgusted.

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Warp Speed Chic
Should be a jail sentence and never be allowed to set foot near the City Ground again. Absolute ****.

Master Yates

John Robertson
Absolutely disgraceful and brings shame on the club on a great night for us.

I hope Billy is ok and the absolute cretin that did this should be banned for life and locked up for a long time too.

I can’t get over why after a great victory you would feel the need to attack a bloke who is looking the other way. Absolute disgrace.

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A none cap wonder
What a total fucking anus. I’ll never understand the mentality of some people but all you can do is call them out. I hope he’s named, shamed and pariahed.

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Steve Chettle
The mentality of someone on such a great night for our club to do that. Not that it makes a difference but Billy is a really nice guy who served Forest what ten years ago? Shocking stuff.


Geoff Thomas
Real sour note on what should be the best feeling around the club in decades. Hope he gets disowned, locked up, banned and a kicking.

Edit: first and foremost I hope sharp is ok.

bristol tricky

First Team Squad
This has really ruined the night. Unfortunately that's all we're going to hear about when we should be celebrating.

That's why there should be no pitch invasion.

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First Team Squad
So disappointed by this. What a coward. He should be banged up and life time ban from all football

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