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Che Adams


Duncan McKenzie
I thought he was shit.
He's been shit whenever I've seen him.
His stats are shit.
I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt & watch him closely for Scotland at the Euros.....

My conclusion: he's even more shit than I originally thought. He stood out as shit in a shit Scotland team.

He gives shit a bad name.

I'll get off the fence.

It's a no 😜
He speaks very highly of you...


Jack Armstrong
When I thought we were skint I was fine with getting Adams as a free backup as long as Taiwo and Wood stay. Now I think we might not be skint, so I hope we pass!

Captain Sinister

Senior doom Monger
I just don't know where all you creatives get the ideas from for posting on this particular thread.
858 posts prior to mine, about a player who has never played for us, and hopefully never will.
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Steve Chettle
Pretty sure I saw a blacked out merc with the number plate “che 1” driving through the meadows slowing down at all the properties that were to let…

This could be it boys!
There could be something in this!


Steve Chettle
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