World Cup 2034 (Saudi Arabia)

Col Steve Austin

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Will follow it as much as i followed the last WC. Nada. Look i know every nations has its issues and no one is perfect. But the WC going to Qatar and Saudi 2 times in 14 years is a serious piss take. I mean the human rights problems for both are pretty similar.
Ah but you're forgetting that Jordan Henderson is over there at the moment educating them. Saudi will be a shining example of a progressive nation by the time he's done.


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There was an intersting podcast from The Athletic a couple of weeks ago about this.

They went through the process in some detail about how FIFA had sold a dummy to Europe, Africa and South America to get the Middle-East back on the schedule so quickly.

They also looked at why FIFA prefer compliant nations for the tournament rather than say America, where the business terms are rarely done in FIFA's favour.

Also, the consider the politics of Saudi Arabia and compare it with Qatar in 2020.

It does not require a subscription to The Atheltic - search your normal podcast service for it.

Saudi World Cup: What does it mean for football?
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