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The World Famous City Ground - Home of the PROPER WORLD‘S OLDEST LEAGUE CLUB

Future of the WFCG? What‘s your preference?

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A. Trialist
That’s the one!
Not built to my taste but we are all different
And agreed
No but I do know something that house if we are thinking of the same one(the one currently on the market for 1.4 million?). In any event I am not saying anything it would be grossly wrong of me to start putting that sort of information on a public forum.
What a pig ugly house that is. Knocked down a beautiful Mid Century style to build that monstrosity. My folks used to live next door, new owners did a much better job when they flattened our hillbilly bungalow!


Stuart Pearce

Otis Redding

Try A Little Tenderness
Trains are rubbish Otis, I'm back in the car now due to the pathetic service. Going home after a game was terrible, you couldn't get a seat due to only having 2 carriages.
In Nottingham maybe with buses and trams but try travelling by train to Nottingham 😱
Apologies fellas, I was referring specifically to NCT and Trent Barton bus services.

I'm fully aware that the railway system generally across the country is pretty lamentable, as indeed it has been since privatisation.


Jack Armstrong
Actual state of this LMAO, I can't with this club anymore man.


May not be the best moderator on LTLF, but he's...
LTLF Minion


May not be the best moderator on LTLF, but he's...
LTLF Minion
There's a wider version 😆
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