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Jack Armstrong
We are more likely to sign up this



Viv Anderson
All right all, decided to go down to see forest training today, wasn't allowed in but I could stand in the undergrowth watching through the fence. (AH happy memories), not a lot to report really, they were dping shotting training for about 20 minutes whilst I was there - SOD is very vocal, JFH still there, camp looked good, moose did a wonderful side flick with the back of his ankle to score, interestingly both Jamaal and Kieron were there traning with the first team as was Bader, didn't see enough to have any insight however, I may pop back later in the week.


Jack Armstrong
currently losing 1-0 to Alfreton...


Jack Armstrong


Fawaz AL Hasawi @ Fawaz_alhasawi
During the next coming week you will be hearing about new players joining nottingham forest

Red Dawn

John Robertson
Talking about Forest on talksport with Boateng on as a guest pundit.

Pretty much stuff we know, the players loved Odriscoll.. Said Cotterill was loud and didn't have the calmness than SOD brought in.

Also thinks we need a complete back four and haven't much time to do so..

Erm.. Cheers for that George! :)
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