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The ‘I have something to say about Forest that doesn’t warrant its own thread’ Thread


Steve Chettle
Looking forward to next Saturday for a proper Saturday for a change.

For now, I'd better see to the washing, it won't do itself (I learned that last bit from my dear wife).


Stuart Pearce
The staff in the refreshment concourse outlets on Friday resembled the working capability of Johnny 5 from short circuit when he gets smashed to bits.

I hope to God the club take back full control of those from whichever catering company currently has it once the existing agreement expires. Recruit and train in house and add some value to it for those working there on a matchday because quite frankly they are f***ing clueless, if they went slowly they would actually speed up.

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Seeking the business end 🔭

Le Juif Rouge

Senior Mass Debater
We need to trademark a "Forest Garibaldi" colour tone, and force any kit maker we choose to stick with it.

For me the scarlet red of 1967/8 shirt was spot on. ManUre and Liverpoo shades can F*** right off.

Le Juif Rouge

Senior Mass Debater
10/10 for your new profile pic Redemption. Very civilised. :LOL:

Captain Sinister

Senior doom Monger
Forest are on the upswing now.
New owner sorting out how to run the place, ground improvements in the offing and a new season dawning when the playing side will finally, after 20 years, mount a serious challenge for promotion.
New season card arrived in the post yesterday, well in time for the first game and we have had a decent pre-season without any major drama to worry ourselves over.
Nothing can go wrong to spoil the dawning of the new golden age for the Mighty Reds.


It tizwas it is
I really wish they’d paint the rusty bits of the girders on the roof of the Bridgford End. It looks odd having only the bits closest to the road painted.

I know it’s getting rebuilt in a year or so but either paint all of it or none of it.
I’m sure it’s always been like that, it looked rusty when they built it. I’m sure I remember Fed Reacher saying it was a feature and was designed to look better as it aged.


Where's me hammer?
The bloke in front of Barry who comes in at 3.10 each week, he does.

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Not this year he dont.... and it's only as early as 3:10 if hes shit the bed.

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