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Quoting from external sources


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Dear all,

To maximise the benefit for everyone, and to protect the Forum against any possible comebacks, could everyone please be mindful of the following when quoting from external sources:

Quoting from a webpage: (copying and pasting content)

Please only use the minimum amount of quoted text/content needed to make your point on LTLF.

Quoting the ENTIRE article is often unhelpful and can fall foul of some copyright restrictions - especially if the original article was behind a paywall.

In every case, please ensure that you include a link to the original source as acknowledgement (and to allow interested users to read the whole original article at source)

See UK Gov Copyright information for more information.

Quoting from Twitter (or 'X' or whatever it's called this week)

Recent changes to Twitter's terms of use mean that unless you've got a Twitter account, you probably can't see an embedded tweet when it's posted on here - so some people can, some can't.

If you're quoting a tweet, please:
Copy and paste the text from the tweet into your post on LTLF, AND/OR take a screenshot and insert that image into your post on here (remember to check for, and remove if necessary any personal info you might have inadvertently captured!)

and, DO please paste a link to the tweet so that users are able to browse the original where possible. That way, everyone benefits from your find!

Including external links (e.g. YouTube, Instagram etc) - just use the "share" options on the source, copy the link, and paste that URL into your post on LTLF, and the forum software should do the rest...

Problems? There's a couple of threads in "Care in the Community" that are very helpful, otherwise please ask.



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Jack Burkitt
Guidance I've come across suggests reuse is more acceptable if:
- A minority portion of the source is used (i.e. it's not another way to access the original content)
- It forms a minority portion of the new thing (i.e. the purpose of the reproduction is not merely to convey the original)
- It is framed either visually or textually (i.e. it's not supplied in it's raw form)
- It's accompanied by some kind of commentary or critique (i.e. the purpose of re-using is to create something new)
- Link to source is provided

Not that one would expect forum posters to conform to such guidelines, but interesting to consider.
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