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Matchday 32 - Tottenham Hotspur Football Club vs Nottingham Forest Football Club Sunday, 7th of April KO 6:00pm

Who will win?

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Alright you f***ers in red let my streak continue.



Socialismo O Muerte!
LTLF Minion
I do like a bit of John Coltrane, it has to be said.

On the football; which Forest will turn up? Who knows.

Anyway, maybe a draw, Woodinho for Forest, Garth Crooks for Spurs.


John Robertson
Trips to Tottenham evoke memories of Cloughie’s first game,Roy Keane’s header and
Mark Crossley’s penalty shoot-out heroics.
Could there be a shock on Sunday? Possibly,if Forest can reproduce their first half display
of last night they might have a chance but realistically a draw would be a great result.


Steve Chettle
In my predictions I put this down as a draw, telling myself I can't go for a win every match.

But, sod it, after a first half like that last night (didn't see it, jusy highlights and hearsay) we could possibly be good enough to take three points.


John Robertson
Spurs do go all gung ho at home and leave space at the back. Still looking at a Champs League spot so will see this as a must win.

A quick look at their results show no clean sheets at home in the league since October and only 2 all season. A result unlikely but certainly not impossible. That front 4 of ours could have plenty of space to explore on the break.


Gonna be a backs to wall bombardment from the first to the last minute……I can see the defence getting overrun, the midfield bypassed and the poor buggers upfront not getting a kick, but thats for Ange and Spurs to worry about not us ……

Away win.

Farmer Jack

Stuart Pearce
You can't kill the Thomas...the Thomas will live on 😐🫡


First Team Squad
Hope we can ply the same team as last night and get something from this difficult game. Anyone know if CHO’s injury likely to keep him out? At least we’ve got until Sunday to recover.


Bob McKinlay

Aina Felipe Murillo Toffolo
Yates Sangare
Origi MGW Reyna

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