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It's that time of the year again when we have to remind everyone that the use of streams to access football matches is illegal. There has been an upsurge in posts requesting/offering illegal links to streams of Forest matches and discussion of methods to circumvent licensing restrictions using VPN technology and the like.

Unfortunately, as you should all know, this is completely illegal in current UK law for those in the UK, as the content of such matches is the copyright of the Premier League and its member clubs. Indeed, this is where a fair chunk of their revenue comes from.

Therefore, we must again stress that any link posting a direct URL to a stream will - must - be removed by the Moderating team.

We do not like censorship, but in this case we truly have little choice, otherwise the Forum could potentially be legally liable for advertising such links and that could get us into serious legal grief.

Anybody requesting a link will be issued with a warning, 2 warnings = a ban.
Anybody posting a link will be given an instant ban

For games which are not covered by Sky, BT Sport or Amazon Prime the only legal place to follow the games live are BBC Radio 5, Talk Sport or BBC Radio Nottingham.

As of 4th August 2022, the club have not responded to our request for confirmation of what (if any) the online offering will be for fans outside the reach of Radio Nottingham

Again, apologies for what may seem invasive and heavy-handed Moderating, but we really do not have a choice here. I would rather be able to ensure we can continue to enjoy LTLF for many seasons to come, than expose ourselves to potential legal action that could get the entire Forum closed.
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