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Ibrahim Sangaré


Stuart Pearce

It's Baggio

John Robertson

Would be a ludicrous signing. Champions League level pedigree.


Seeking the business end 🔭
Has he singed yet?

Master Yates

John Robertson
This bloke is supposed to be the absolute dog’s bollocks I read. Surely out of our league financially?

Would really make everyone sit up and take notice if we signed Sangare.

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Socialismo O Muerte!
LTLF Minion
More chance of a jug of home-brewed Sangria.


Geoff Thomas
Sorry PSV, its Evangelos, he's been a bit grumpy and has just been singing over and over

"Waka waka eh eh, no poxy tickets I'll fuxk you up, The reds need paying up"

The easiest thing to do is accept the bid and we can all move on.

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Socialismo O Muerte!
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Viv Anderson
Release clause of €37.5m Euros apparently (£33m). And other clubs interested.

Pay it. QUICK.

From a couple of 10m punts for squad depth to 33m cash-upfront-trigger-that-release-clause.

That's the LTLF I've come to know and love.

The Wheel of Time turns,
and transfer windows come and pass,
leaving holes in the left back position that become legend.
Legend fades to myth,
and even Harry Arter will be long forgotten
when the transfer window that we signed him
comes again.


First Team Squad
33m release clause.

This one won't be a quick one unless we go in at anything around 30m plus. And I just can't see it.

Would love to be proven wrong.
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