I wonder if...aka...How [BUPA] started...


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A couple of close-seasons ago, "Gary", (who shall be Tomharding really) used to prefix rubbish-transfer-rumour threads with the tag [GPR] - Gary's Poo Rumours.

These threads were spawned from trawling through the dustbin of drivel, and rarely contained other than rubbish made-up rumours from 1001 disparate sources.

But Gary was astute enough to prefix them. And well done to him.

In the light of threads like "Guy Moussi Signs for Everton", which is something of a forward statement, and "Billy Davies to leave in the next 48 hours..." can I propose [BUPA] threads...

Bullshit Until Proved Authentic...


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Re: I wonder if...

And what about this thread? [CUB] complete utter bollocks? :p


No wonder my post count..

I found the GPR prefix gave me creative license to post whatever the hell I liked from football-rumours and it gave others creative license to poke fun at said rumour. Much like Frankie Boyle hiding behind the "Mock the week" badge, I was able to bat away any criticism with a simple "It's GPR, dickface".

It was a simple time.


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I still love that we call you Gary. It almost perfectly sums up this forum.


No wonder my post count..
I still love that we call you Gary. It almost perfectly sums up this forum.

Haha, yeah. I remember for months I had absolutely no idea why that was my name.


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My wife paid into BUPA for many years.
They rang me up one day and offered me a medical for free.
I had everything in a whole afternoon of tests. There was even a machine that went PING. Except this one did it really quietly in your ear and you had to press a button when you heard it. I passed that one, worked it out, just press the button every so often and most of the time the machine that very quietly goes ping will do so. The lady doctor even offered to put her finger up my anus and check my prostrate. That cost a fortune in Amsterdam.
Turned out that I needed glasses and drank too much.
On the NHS I could have walked into a surgery wearing my glasses and reeking of last night's lager and the doctor woukld have taken one look/sniff and said:
'You need glasses and you drink too much.'
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