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Ian Bowyer
I’m still waiting for the one that is done and dusted and we’ve not heard a sniff. The lad Brighton were after that came out the blue for example.
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Martel Maxwell Enjoyer
Great player but he has a €120m release clause and signed a 5 year contract extension last year. Highly unlikely is an understatement

Don’t the Iberian peninsula got strange ass release clauses across the board?

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Viv Anderson
Yeah i can't see this happening, they quoted the full release clause to Liverpool and i think it was over 60mil, better to have loved and lost (for 30 seconds)


Geoff Thomas
Ok which one of you is doing this? :ROFLMAO:


Stuart Pearce
He's apparently converted to a CB since leaving us which I find odd given his stature. Good player though, and still only 26!
Yeah I'd never have him pegged for that. He had a superb engine on him too.
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Socialismo O Muerte!
LTLF Minion

Bob Fossil

Nottingham's dirty secret
I can't get my head around us offering €30m for this guy but only a loan deal & then €25m for Sangare- who we've been told by all & sundry is Cooper's main target.

Not moaning. Just seems strange.

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