Euro 2024 in Deutschland!

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Been awful most of the tournament, but we....and it all right tonight.

Started with the right setup, got some luck with the peno which was never a peno, Dutch countered well, but Southgate's last subs worked a treat. Credit where it's due.

Spain are an entirely different prospect, easily the best team in the competition, but when you've a manager as lucky as Southgate you never know.


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We go on holiday to Dorset on Saturday.
It's our wedding anniversary on Sunday and a meal is already booked for Sunday evening.

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You’ve had a good run.

The chef will take the day off, the waiter will drop the food whilst watching the game on his phone.

The only thing I’d be eating on that day is beer. Safer 👍🏼


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England have gone 1-0 down in every single knockout game of Euro 2024.

There is huge resolve and character in the team.

Southgate has his limitations, absolutely.

But the confidence, calmness and self belief he has instilled in this squad is outstanding and continually shows itself

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Old Jimmy Floyd couldn't look more awkward lol

JFH when he returns home:


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Really good game that. Despite the tedious other games they turned up. Yes fortunate pen? But who gives a shit. England have been at the wrong end of so many decisions….. it levels itself out lol
f*** me, even Gallagher when he came on had a decent touch running for every ball… exactly the right time for him. Spain v England looks on paper to be evenly matched, so we’ll see a slugfest in midfield.


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Good point by Pootash, payback against Koeman with the never-peno tonight for his cheating antics in against Taylor's team back in '93
I said the same to a mate when it panned to Koeman when the penalty was given. It may have taken 31 years but what goes around comes around you cheating Dutch ****.
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