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Carlos Miguel dos Santos Pereira


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I would say there’s a risk of them rioting and looting in a frenzy of criminal behaviour.

But for Corintianos, that’s just a usual Tuesday.
There is some truth in this, from a few Paulistas I know!


Steve Chettle
They’ve fired back saying it will cost 100m…my response:

I’d check the release clause as the rumour here is 25m + Emmanuel Dennis + Harry Arter.

I think I might have caused a riot…
No wonder they are rioting, we'll have to pay them a lot more than that to take Dennis and Arter off our hands!


Stuart Pearce

I repeat watched wondering if the guy he sat down went easily… I don’t think so and he looks proper embarrassed / sheepish to be on the deck
Not surprised tbh. It's not a fight he would ever win and Carlos has just flicked him over like he was a 3 year old girl. Take the L amigo and stay down.


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Cortez the Killer

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"Honestly you would've loved her Carlos......she had tits like this. She was here when I said come and sign. Find he on Instagram, she's called Divock"
Murillo is extolling the virtues of a midweek night in Hooters.

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Viv Anderson


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So we've signed a £40m rated keeper for £4m?

Am I correct in this assertion?

Bento is probably the best 'keeper currently playing in Brazil and he has been touted at 20m Euros. A more realistic figure for Miguel would have probably been 10-15m.


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He’s a big lad.
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