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    Default Twenty Years of the iPod

    Few devices can claim to have both created, and revolutionised, their marketplaces.

    This one can:


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    Default Re: Twenty Years of the iPod

    Or you could argue that it's another example of Apple coming late to the party but with the right product. The iPod was an extremely well designed product that didn't gain market share by converting those people who already had an MP3 player; it brought new users in who might never have considered buying one before and grew the market instead. That might have happened anyway but probably not to the same extent.

    I think the article is a bit off marking out the iPod as the game changer for Apple as well -it was the iMac that really got things going in the late 90's. In fact it's probably not too far off to think that the same people going in to Apple stores to look at iMac's were the target market for iPod's as well.

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    Default Re: Twenty Years of the iPod

    I've had a few over the years and they've been great. Still use one now, the only thing I'd say is they're a bugger to repair. Most phones are relatively easy but he iPod falls apart unless you're extremely careful with the ribbon cables and connectors.

    Overall a good device I'd say.

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    Default Re: Twenty Years of the iPod

    The iPod Classic is still the greatest technology invention in my opinion.

    Closely followed by the Dual Sense

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    Default Re: Twenty Years of the iPod

    iPod - absolute genius
    iTunes - absolute garbage

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    Default Re: Twenty Years of the iPod

    Digital sound quality = shit.

    Like most I cracked one out when the iPod was released but the novelty soon wore off. It won on convenience for compressing so much into such a little space but the audio sacrifice wasn’t worth it.
    It made the Sony Walkman sound like an advanced piece of audio listening equipment.




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