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    Default Bye bye Les, RIP.

    Former Bay City Rollers lead singer Les McKeown has died aged 65.

    I know the Rollers weren't every body's cup of tea, but they were a part of my childhood.

    Their tunes were popular on the fairgrounds and were part of the atmosphere created on the rides.

    All the lasses in my class at school were BCR crazy, especially for Les McKeown.

    Bye bye Les, another part of my childhood gone to the sky.

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    Default Re: Bye bye Les, RIP.


    Before my time but appreciate they were massive in the 70’s.

    Redemption will be wearing his Oxford Bags tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Bye bye Les, RIP.

    Bet he swat some right fanny.


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    Default Re: Bye bye Les, RIP.

    Bye Les RIP

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    Default Re: Bye bye Les, RIP.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alf-engelos Mindminackers View Post
    Bet he swat some right fanny.

    As his fan base was probably under twelve at the time I hope not.

    My sister posted up some photo of her stood with some random bloke yesterday say RIP , such a lovely man
    I thought it was an old school friend until I saw the news and put two and two together
    She met him a couple of years ago after a concert and got a photo with him, said he was lovely and took time to speak to everyone and have a photo, made my sisters decade that photo with him.

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