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    At the start of the season there was always one player in a team that looked head and shoulders above the players that we have. Notts Forest's, for me was Christie at right back. He just looked classy.

    First 15 minutes key for me tonight. Set the tone, get about, make a statement to Forest (within the rules of the game), start with blistering intensity, all the cliches, and maybe their minds will go to Friday when they play Derby, just maybe. First goal super important as they are resilient.

    A big game for us, as it is for Forest, but they are bang in form of late and a close game is what I'm expecting.

    I was on a few forest forums earlier and it was the usual condescending ill informed claptrap from a lot of them, so a victory would taste all the sweeter, aside from the importance of the 3 points.

    Very scrappy so far, the wind not helping.

    Olosunde got away lucky there with the challenge, fair due to forest player didn't try to make a meal of it.

    Two poor sides up to now.

    Getting batered at the moment..looking poor.

    They're mopping up most of the 2nd balls too. Ominous.

    Forest running the show.

    Second best at the moment. We can't afford to go behind - we don't come back when we're behind.

    Free header there.

    Some chuffin negative posts on here. We’re not that bad.

    He was clearly offside, which is why he had a free header. And yes, I would agree we have matched them, and Crooks is running midield.

    They've been on top but we're still in it.

    Can’t comment on ALL the first half as I fell asleep it was that riveting zzzzz.

    Don’t think they are as fit as us, hopefully last ten mins we will push it.

    Offside I know, but what a save.

    Fuck. Forest goal.

    Offside! Where's VAR when you want it?

    Offside twice for the goal though?

    It’s been coming we’ve been woeful ... offside though.

    Unlucky but shyte defending.

    How did Freddie miss the ball?

    We must take those chances.

    Ladapo kicking thin air, when should have scored.

    More catching practice for the keeper, come on lads, we need to find some quality.

    Crossbar ffs.

    Unlucky Smithy. Never gonna happen tonight though. Felt it from early on.

    The passing and crossing have been dire.
    Yet Forest have won courtesy of an offside goal and a diabolical miss by Freddie. Crossbar just saved them.

    I thought we were awful tonight the worst in a long time, you can say they had quality players but so did other teams we have got points from, Yates was brilliant against smith marked him out of the game and to be fair the best team won even though it was offside that goal.

    OK, so their goal was Offside, and a Red card - both given if we have VAR. Plus we miss a sitter and an easy header. But that apart, we were rubbish tonight...We have gone back to hoof ball - which might be excusable away at Norwich, but not at home to Forest.

    Well the previous two games were frustrating because we lost 1-0 to apparently good sides but this was a different level of frustration because we were essentially rubbish. Another sitter of a chance missed and an effort off the bar but not much else to show for 90 minutes where in all honesty they seemed to panic whenever we got near their goal. Add to that an offsite goal and it doesn't make for a very good night for RUFC fans.

    Offside goal..But that was a relegation performance, it’s as bad as we have played, very hard to watch and be positive. If we play like that we are down by a mile.

    Not a great performance but I would have still been happy had their goal been disallowed and Freddy had converted a dream chance. 4 defeats on the trot will be hard to recover from. Not that impressed with Forest tbh but our passing and crossing was as bad as I've seen.

    Another nail in the coffin. Awful performance, players looked absolutely knackered. This team won't beat Reading either. Playing like a league one team against an average Forest side.

    Complete shambles from the off, they played the long ball better than us.

    The problem is we have very little quality cover. We would have beaten forest a couple of weeks back.

    I wouldnt have minded too much if we had played all game like we did after they scored, but that was so frustrating to watch, and we still could have won the game in last 15 mins as, for me, both Freddie and Smudger really should score.

    This game was the third or fourth this season that we’ve had this ref against the so called bigger clubs, might explain why only one Forest player received a yellow card late on in game.

    Forrest keeper last night caught almost everything. I'm not bothered if he got our MOTM our keeper can't catch a cold!

    They have better quality players and that makes a difference. Freeman on over 30grand a week, the one who had a tussle with Harding 27grand a week . Better players make the ball do the work plus it’s about confidence forest have been playing better these last few games while we have gone the other way.

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