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    Default Re: Summer 2021 transfer window

    Quote Originally Posted by valspoodle View Post
    CH has a hell of a task if this forum is anything to go by. Literally hundreds of potential signings have been mentioned on here and the poor guy has to boil it down to about 6 at the most.

    It's all very well to pluck a name out of the media and say , according to reports, this is the player for us, but is he? Does he fit in with CH's plan, does he want to come here, is he really any good?
    Luckily for them they're paid to do it and it is their job. So they will have the time to go through every option and build pro/cons on deciding on a purchase.

    Clubs with less do more so yes I think the fans are entitled to question the failures and the need to get people at the club making more right decisions.

    I know Randall said they giving Hughton more responsibility but that is a slight worry too. Prefer he gets the right support first and foremost and there is a shared strategy.

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