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Thread: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

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    Default Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    Shake hands on a draw please? Can’t bare watching us again at the moment.

    I fear we are going to be on the end of a robust dicking.

    Straight forward win for us.

    Derby 0, as usual. Depends how crap Forest are to what they get.

    Absolutely dreading this,my forest supporting colleagues and acquaintances are frothing at the mouth in anticipation of thrashing us.

    Maybe we should start predicting the amount of shots. Goals is too easy.

    Send the whole squad round to see Wayne and coleen so they all have to self isolate, games postponed until February we come good and smash em.

    Derby County Nil. Should be our new name.

    Can’t wait for Knockaert to get his obligatory goal against us.

    If losing to forest guaranteed Cocu's departure, I would take it.

    Oh wow. Dont get me wrong I’m not a cocu fan .... but then there’s this lol

    I can understand why we are dreading this game, Forest are flying after their lucky 1-0 win at Blackburn and their scintillating 1-1 draw with Rotherham last night. Come on! They’ve got problems too! Could this even be a relegation 6 pointer?!

    We must shoot. shoot on bloody sight boys.*

    Indeed. 10x 50 yard pea rollers straight at the keeper = 10 shots on target. It doesn't matter if they're awful shots with 0.002% chance of going in, it'll improve our all important shots per match stat which in the eyes of many on here seems to be the absolute measure of attacking intent. We'd better not actually try to beat the keeper though, we'd risk shooting off target, which as we all know*doesn't*count as attacking intent.

    With Waghorn and Lawrence starting, suddenly the forward line looks strong. You would have thought it. Strong bench too. Season starts here. Hopefully.

    That's the best team in terms of ability and balance we've fielded all season.

    Early shot at target from Lyle Taylor - saved by Marshall. Corner to Forest.

    Jozwiak runs down the left and pulls it back to Lawrence. He takes a touch and goes down.

    Stonewall penalty.

    It wasn't. First thought was to fall over rather than get a shot off.

    Weird seemed obvious dive. But not booked.

    Jason Knight is a baller..would be immense for him to score in this game.

    Chris Hughton this Chris Hughton that. Change the fncking record.

    Not too shabby so far. Quick ball into midfield and the wide players is key I reckon. Not a big fan of the slow passing at the back.

    Christie will get sent off today.

    We’re all over them!

    We're by far the better side which probably means we will lose one nil. Positive signs however, amazing what happens when you get a couple of your better players back on the pitch.

    Commentator here in the US just actually said ‘this will be the lowest crowd for this game. previous low 3,000 in 1899.

    Totally unmarked again in our box going to get punished soon.

    Too easy for Forest to cross the ball.

    Great strike from Shinnie is saved by Samba out for a corner.

    Great tackle by the ref.

    GET IN!!! Waghorn free kick in off the bar.

    Welcome back Martin Waghorn. Jozwiak almost deserves an assist for that run.

    Sky commentators are gutted we’ve scored.

    McCarthy “I think Derby are just starting to shade them now” - Are you serious? Easily the better side.

    Oh my god Shinnie. Should be 0-2. That was the game.

    Bloody hell, must score that.

    No no no no no that could be important very important.

    Forest are us in the last five games.

    My worry here is that we are also us.

    Biggest difference for us so far is the amount of 2nd balls we are winning.

    Best half of football of the season so far. More of the same please.

    Tom Lawrence looking like a player we spent 7 million on.

    Interesting to note that Cyrus Christie is still as naive/rubbish/brain dead*now as he was when we first signed him.

    Great first half. Should really be 2 up. More of the same please second half. Oh, and one request to Chris Hughton, leave Knockaert on the bench please. Nowt to do with fact the we could never handle him when he played for Brighton of course...

    Good half. Deserve to be 2-0 up.Hughton will go 4-3-3 to even it up.

    Forest are really threatening from crosses so I can’t see us keeping a clean sheet. We really needed that second goal.

    Not sure Forest have been as competitive as I expected.

    Hughton is no mug. The second half will be a tough one. No way he watches that and doesn't change something. Hopefully we can keep Knockaert (the most punchable face in football) quiet when he comes on.

    As bad as Forest were in that 1st half, they still have game changing players in their ranks.

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    Knockaert on for Grabban. Strap yourselves in lads, this is going to be intense.

    They still have the most stacked and best squad in the championship. It’s not over yet.

    Knockaert with two early crosses already.

    Struggling to decide what I dislike more, Grabban's beard or absolutely everything about Knockaert.

    Taylor's hair?

    The tactical change by F*rest has been nullified by a Curtis Davies defensive master-class.

    Bloody hell what a cross that is. That's a big let off.

    Gumps score.

    Deserve that. Sit back, get punished. Looked offside mind.

    Yates was all over Curtis there, that’s a foul all day long.

    That was coming - we haven’t adapted to their formation change.

    2 fouls and an offside?!

    Can we now stop letting knockaert putting unchallenged crosses in.

    Also not sure that was a corner in the first place. Looked to bounce off Ameobi's leg and go behind?

    Like night and day after half time - sit back, no ideas, penned in.

    Not getting the 2nd balls again, can only see more Forest goals.

    No foul no offside, just crap marking by Andre.

    The ref is pony.

    Something needs to change at this point. Forest on top now. Can’t afford to lose. I’d take a point but we’ve stopped looking threatening.

    Deserve that. Sit back, get punished. Looked offside mind.

    Wut? You're saying Forest deserve to be level? Really? I ducking despair.

    Complete role reversal. Our turn to look terrible in the second half.

    Someone needs to take a yellow and spike knockart.

    I’d love a goal from a corner. Wonder when the last one was

    More recent than we scored from open play!

    Get in!!!!

    Duck off is that offside. That's an absolutely mental decision.

    Love that consistency from the referee. Exactly the same as the Forest goal.

    How is that different to their goal?

    Oh you're shitting me!!!

    How was theirs a goal?? And not ours? What a ducking piece of poo.

    No one will convince me the EFL aren't dabbling with referees to duck us over, it was blindingly obvious last season and still is now.

    That ioannou clown loves a good shove.

    Our unofficial 12 point deduction must just about be fulfilled now?

    EFL were never going to let us win tonight - refs under instructions to duck us over if they get half a chance.

    Finished 1-1.

    Best performance of the season but absolutely robbed.

    Take a point away to Forest. Feels like a defeat though, absolutely robbed by the referee. That game is either 1-0 or 2-1. Referees should be made to come out and answer questions about that sort of lack of consistency.

    Robbed there tonight. Horrific decision, only made worse by the clowns in commentary.

    Forest not offside because it came off Clarke.*Waghorn was debatably interfering - he stepped over the ball but I don’t think he unsighted the keeper. But it’s not exactly a travesty.

    Well, I’d have loved a win and we probably deserved one on the balance of play. But I’ll take that point.

    Robbed by the ref. Florest were complete pieces of poo and deserved to lose, despite their good spell. Only reason they didnt lose is the ref. Florest bar stewards as always and they are no doubt over the moon. Won't complain more. They know they got lucky.

    Good performance from Derby, robbed by piss poor officiating. They need to punish officials for bad performance, has cost us 2 points tonight and nothing will happen to them.

    No other team in the Championship gets that 2nd goal ruled out.

    You can't argue Waghorn wasn't in their keepers sight. If it was against us we would be screaming for offside. Typical of our luck at the moment but really enjoyed our performance.

    When we scored none of the forest players appealed. NONE Of them did. They knew it was a goal.

    Denied a win against a good awful side by*god awful officiating. For a squad of 40 players, they have very little.* Knockaert aside, there a struggling team that costs 30 million a year in wages so it's not all bad.

    There's clearly nobody in an offside position in the line of sight for the Forest goal. Clearly. It is less clear with our disallowed goal. Waghorn jumps. That's influenced it I'm sure.

    One things for certain when both at full strength we'll batter them and they will know it deep down the six fingered freaks.

    Thought we were well worth the 3 points tonight, aside Knockeart we were superior all over the park.

    Chris Hughton quite rightly acknowledged we have some excellent young talent but forgot to mention they had a load of aging toss.

    Cocu had a bit of a rant about the officials saying Forests goal and our second were identical. Then they went to the studio and Viv Anderson said something like “can someone tell me what he is actually saying” before going on about Taylor being onside, despite that not being Cocu’s complaint. His tone of asking someone to tell him what Cocu was actually saying felt a little disrespectful to me. Was patently obvious what Cocu meant.

    I*would also say Forest looked absolute poop - especially without Knockaert. If that is the best they can do then that is one depressing season for them - oh well nevermind.

    Always find it weird when Sky get a 'pundit' in with a clear and obvious bias towards one of the teams playing and allow them to air their views unchallenged, and taken as fact.

    Michael Johnson was very much pro Derby in his comments?

    But he was more respectful.

    It is the first time I have watched the Trees since we last played them, and I am disappointing. They can play a bit, (only a little bit!), but there is far too much "leaving the foot or elbow in), far too much mardy moaning, and far too much yelping at the ref. Why the should be in his face I have no idea, given what they got away with, including the foul on Byrne right in front of him, but he did noting, with the Trees getting a corner from it. What followed was actually really good - Knockeart got the ball, and Chris Hughton shouted "Knock it out" to him, and the ball went over the bar. Excellent, and honourable, which I didn't think I would ever say about the trees.

    Bringing Knockeart on changed the game is he is a terrific player, when he isn't being dirty and mouthing at the ref, and it put an extra man in midfield which tended to stem our flow of play through their midfield. It took us a while to adapt, which we did and got back on top again.

    What i enjoyed most about tonight is the fact that Christie no longer plays for us. Appalling defender.

    I thought our disallowed goal could have gone either way. If we had VAR it wouldn't have overturned the decision whether he'd have allowed it or not.

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    at their conspiracy theories

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    At no point though have they said (which they won't) the so called foul leading to the goal scored by Waghorn wasn't even a free kick.!
    Overall a typical Derby game definitely a game of two halves.

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    Fair play some of their fans could tell the difference between the goals unlike the Twitter morons.

    We were a bit lucky but then Waghorn should have been more aware and not ran in the way. If he stops to the side, it’s 2-1.

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    No guitar chat, which is surprising considering they are largely known as specimens with 6 fingers. You'd think they'd be great at it

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    Thanks Calvin. It was a dirty job but full credit it to you for doing it.

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    Sky commentators are gutted we’ve scored.

    The every-fan comment.


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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    Quote Originally Posted by Freddie View Post
    No guitar chat, which is surprising considering they are largely known as specimens with 6 fingers. You'd think they'd be great at it

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    Thanks Calvin, you risk catching something far worse than covid going to their forums and we all appreciate it.


    Originally Posted by Carnero https://bit.ly/2LVWO8R
    Don't know how anyone can look at that squad and say "Forest will definitely be up there" like I've read from some on here!

    10th at best.

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    Thanks for posting Calvin, (rather you than me on this occasion) much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    Quote Originally Posted by Freddie View Post
    No guitar chat, which is surprising considering they are largely known as specimens with 6 fingers. You'd think they'd be great at it
    Steve Vai and Maestro Alex Gregory from Derby, confirmed.

    „I believe in socialism because it seems more humanitarian, rather than every man for himself and 'I'm alright jack' and all those arsehole businessmen with all the loot. I made up my mind from viewing society from that angle. That's where I'm from and there's where I've made my decisions from. That's why I believe in socialism“

    „Don't forget you're alive. 'Cause sometimes when you walk around the city and you're in a bad mood, you can think, hey, wait a minute, we're alive! We don't know what the next second will bring and what a fantastic thing this is. This can get easily forgotten in the routine of life, and that's something I'm trying to bring to my attention at all times. Don't forget you're alive. We're not dead, you know. This is the greatest thing.”

    — Joe Strummer

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    All of those posts by posters that all share the same last name.

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    A mixed bag there, denial, delusion, bias and the odd fair comment. To be expected.

    Thanks for posting Calvin

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    The reason Micheal Johnson was more 'respectful' as was suggested, is because he's a Forest fan.
    Cheers C.

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Derby County Fan Comments

    Hi Sheep, game finished 1-1, 1,105 days and counting. Good day to you




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