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Thread: Alex Mighten

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    Ian Storey-Moore
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    Quote Originally Posted by Berkshire Red View Post
    LOL. I can't quite tell if you're being serious, or not. I'm slightly worried that you might be.
    Yes youth. Murray good. Da Costa and Bachirou very bad

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    Nigel Clough
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    Quote Originally Posted by MASE View Post
    "In the short time he's been afforded, it hasn't happened for him", with respect, thats more objectivity than most.

    Players are going to find it difficult pleasing you with your do or die statistical criteria on success here, maybe theres a few subtle nuances your missing when it comes to input from players like Murray & Knockeart.

    Knockeart has played his part in our apparent improvement in posession, his delivery has been stand out at times & he's put a shift in every time he's worn the shirt. You mention the Luton loss but forget the Derby away point in which he was a class above. Likewise Murrays bought a ton of experience to the party.

    Depends on what you want to see.
    Love the attempts at sly digs to a light hearted post .

    I’d say the consensus opinion is neither of them has delivered to what was anticipated or expected on their arrival and leave it at that.

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    Is it still snowing over there in the UK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos View Post
    Is it still snowing over there in the UK?
    Don't know, my curtains are shut

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