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Thread: Lincoln City

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    Viv Anderson
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    Quote Originally Posted by alabamared View Post
    This LTLF we thrive on irrelevance.
    Oh yes. I'm afraid I'm a great one for sticking odd notes into sometimes impassioned arguments.

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    Bob McKinlay
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    Quote Originally Posted by virgo View Post
    When the Co-op shops were regionalised, Nottingham was the NCS (Nottingham Cooperative Society) which covered the City and much of the county (except Mansfield and Newark, which both had there own societies) except Skegness, Which came under the control of the NCS for some reason. This was an ongoing thing until the mid 1980’s.

    Bit irrelevant to the thread, but just thought I’d mention it.
    Just to be pedantic; it was the Greater Nottingham Co-Operative Society, or GNCS.

    You are right about the Mansfield Co-Operative Society, and the Newark one, although both were later folded into the larger GNCS for some strange reason of consolidation.

    (Source: me; my grandfather was a middle-manager in the Mansfield Co-top society, many, many, years before I was even born).

    „I believe in socialism because it seems more humanitarian, rather than every man for himself and 'I'm alright jack' and all those arsehole businessmen with all the loot. I made up my mind from viewing society from that angle. That's where I'm from and there's where I've made my decisions from. That's why I believe in socialism“

    „Don't forget you're alive. 'Cause sometimes when you walk around the city and you're in a bad mood, you can think, hey, wait a minute, we're alive! We don't know what the next second will bring and what a fantastic thing this is. This can get easily forgotten in the routine of life, and that's something I'm trying to bring to my attention at all times. Don't forget you're alive. We're not dead, you know. This is the greatest thing.”

    — Joe Strummer




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