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Thread: Tyler Blackett

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheapseats View Post
    Of course Iíve seen his performances which have varied from pretty good at times to poor. Rather like Christie he is far better going forward and not so
    Good in defenceÖ I never saw a player that didnít care or was taking the piss just an aging middle of the road championship left back or tge sort we probably shouldnít have signed.
    Of course Iíd rather see psycho in his prime there but if faced with choice between him and Soh if Colback Iíd go with him until we get another left back which we desperately need.
    His injury was always likely to take him to the end of the month so was no good to us until then and you would expect there was a willingness from all parties to make this happen.

    Of course it isn't ideal going into the first few games in the situation we are at left-back but I would prefer us to make the right decisions for the whole season ahead.

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