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Thread: Matchday 7: Middlesbrough Fan Comments

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    Default Matchday 7: Middlesbrough Fan Comments

    Once again the mighty Boro go into battle hoping to show a big recovery from an abject away performance against Coventry where we limped out 2-0 losers.

    We all know that probably Chris Houghton is first in line in Managerial sackings this season due to the awful state Forest are in, with or without Spence, and this game will possibly be the straw that braks the camels back or a saving grace depending on the result, simply I believe Forest have to win this or the guys gone!

    Forest have a RB they consider worse than Djed Spence, this isn’t the game to drop Jones for me.

    No win in 14 games for them, so obviously they'll beat us.

    Have to say I'm pretty surprised at Forest's plight. Hughton has a decent reputation as a manager in the Championship. Personally I think their current woes are more down to the club than his management. If they sack him, I don't expect things will improve (much) for them.

    Pretty sad state of affairs when few of us seem confident of Boro getting a result against the bottom team.

    Our form in the last 12 is only marginally better...*Three wins in our last twelve, two of which came last season against sides now relegated. Forest are on a rotten run but they rarely get hammered. They've got every chance once we've shipped our weekly comedy goal and given them a head start.

    We are exactly the team forest need to play at this moment. Tempted to lump on them.

    If we do it should be grounds for an immediate sacking, Forest are *** hopeless.

    Interesting points from Warnock's interview:

    Coventry loss largely down to off games from key players. Made mistakes and*bad decisions then tried too hard, should have gone back to basics.

    Asked:*"Is Forest an easy game?" Reply: "They probably think we are, if they watched us on Saturday"

    Massive game this what ever manager losses should be sacked really.

    Warnock has beaten Forest the last 6 times in a row, take that how you will.

    Looks like Forest have literally replaced Spence and Samba from their*line-up at Cardiff and that's it.

    Poor save from Lumley, thank *** Grabban was offside and that he missed anyway. Edit: apparently Lumley got a touch on Grabban's shot so good follow up from him at least.

    Forest play some nice football for a side bottom of the table. On the flip side they look as creaky as us in defence.

    Almost all Forest so far, though they've only had a few chances.

    Got no confidence we are going to win this so far, forest look the better team so far.

    Sporar wtf? what a goal!

    What a cracker, bloody hell, screaming home...

    Sporar when on form bangs them in his record shows, please be the start of that. We’ve needed a proper striker since Bamford left.

    Yikes - another let-off for Boro. Our defence going to sleep again. Just lucky Forest are so hopeless in front of goal.

    Other than the goal we have been woeful again.

    Woeful is harsh. We're easily the better side. It's not saying much like given how bad Forest have been but we've mostly managed this game fine.

    Have we improved or are Forest so bad that they are making us look better, albeit not much better and still looking very susceptible?

    I think its just a case of us finally playing a team even worse and lower on confidence than we are. If we can't win this one, we really are in trouble.

    Both defences are looking very suspect...which means any result is possible. Just a question of who can summon up a bit of extra quality in front of goal.

    Johnson is going to get peltier sent off if we aren't careful.

    Forest starting this half well. They are not going to make it easy for us.

    I don't understand why we sit so deep against a Forest back line intent on passing it out but look incredibly shaky.

    Probably to help accommodate the fact Peltier got completely wrecked by Johnson a few moments ago.

    We have done it all match!

    Peltier's been on the pitch all match!

    Not sure what changes I'd be comfortable with, but it feels like some need to happen. Too*many players on bookings and it's all Forest.

    Worrying that Boro appear to have stopped playing football and have reverted to Warnockball. This half has been pretty much all Forest so far. We're just lucky they are as bad as us in final third.

    This is just a goal for Forest waiting to happen. We’re just hoofing it ridiculously.


    Lol that's hilarious.

    We do not deserve that, but I laughed my head off.

    Forest are ***.* Hughton will be out of a job before the weekend I reckon.

    lol thanks for the gift Forest.

    I know it was a crap touch by the keeper but the defender who plays it back to him, was it Mbe Soh? Absolutely atrocious, bouncing ball back to the keeper means he has to take a touch or potentially slice it.

    Aye that one is all on the defender for me.

    Daft thing about the keeper as well, I think he's actually looked relatively assured apart from with the ball at his feet.

    What’s going on with Forest? I know they*struggled a bit*last season but did seem to pick up some form - wasn’t expecting them to be rock bottom this season.

    Forest fans already leaving. Crazy considering how poor we are defensively.

    Forest reminds*me of golf when it all falls apart for no reason. Brain freeze, tears, anger, embarrassment.

    Forest have had some fairly*big chances and missed the target almost every time. No wonder they're struggling.

    Just watching them tonight you can see why they've been struggling.* Mistakes all over the park.

    Oof - should have been 3 for Boro there. Keeper spilled a header*from Ikpeazu.

    Much needed result. Got a bit of luck for the second and we took it well.

    Do feel slightly bad that we've surely cost Chris Hughton his job as he's a manager I quite liked from afar.

    Yeah, I know what you mean about Hughton, comes across as a decent bloke.

    Scrappy nothing really to take from this game other then a few glimpses of what might be to come, some good work rate,*determination. Forest were Shockley bad.

    Think the only thing we can really take from that is that forest are as bad as their position suggests. Still, can only beat what's in front of you, and the three points are very welcome, if not convincing.

    Scrappy game but we got the 3 points, and if Forest keep Hughton in charge then they're doomed, somethings badly gone wrong there.

    Feel sorry for Chris Hughton, who comes across as a decent bloke and will be unlikely to last the week now. Forest are in dreadful trouble.

    The loss of points agreed in principle by Derby and the EFL added to the satisfaction of last nights victory.

    East Midlands in disarray.

    The fans drove the game. Forest who turned against there club and BORO who lifted team spirt. Credit to the BORO fans for yet another great shift.

    Felt Forest actually played the better football in the middle of the park (just) and had some decent wide play. Boro were just lucky they were as bad as us in front of goal. In the end the game was decided by our one bit of quality play in a dangerous position and a defensive howler on Forest's part.

    The*drop in form at Forest coincided with their chairman appointing a fellow Greek as Director of Football and he took responsibility for bringing in players that the managers have not always appreciated or perhaps more importantly, wanted.

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    Viv Anderson
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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Middlesbrough Fan Comments

    Thanks as ever Calvin.

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Middlesbrough Fan Comments

    Cheers Calvin.
    Our own fans were far more critical... Boro fans were kindness itself there.

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    Viv Anderson
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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Middlesbrough Fan Comments

    Thanks for researching and getting those comments out so quickly.

    Unfortunately I'm simply too flat to read them. But I promise I'll read the lot when we get another point; if we get another point.

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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Middlesbrough Fan Comments

    "Have to say I'm pretty surprised at Forest's plight. Hughton has a decent reputation as a manager in the Championship. Personally I think their current woes are more down to the club than his management. If they sack him, I don't expect things will improve (much) for them."

    Interestingly this seems to be the verdict of much of the media too. Time will tell. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

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    The Foam Hand
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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Middlesbrough Fan Comments

    Decent comments on the whole.

    Thanks for posting Calvin, it must be getting painful going through all the comments on how shite we are after every game. Much appreciated

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    Gaff Lad
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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Middlesbrough Fan Comments

    Thanks for posting Calvin.

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    Matchday Squad
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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Middlesbrough Fan Comments

    Only telling us what weve known for a few seasons now...

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    Ian Storey-Moore
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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Middlesbrough Fan Comments

    Usual honestly from Middlesbrough supporters

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    Wally Ardron
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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Middlesbrough Fan Comments

    Good set of fans are Boro supporters

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    Gaff Lad
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    Default Re: Matchday 7: Middlesbrough Fan Comments

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Blonde View Post
    Good set of fans are Boro supporters
    Aye they are... I often have a beer or two with them when I go rockin' at the Longlands Club in Middlesborough.




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