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    Default Championship Team Picker v2.0

    Being a web programmer with too much time on my hands, I decided to spend a couple of hours putting together a little website to see how many people would choose which starting 11 and formation for their team.

    After starting out with my team (I'll leave it up to you to figure out who I support!* ) I decided to include the same tool for all teams in the Championship, and here it is: http://pickateam.site90.net/index.php?teamid=1845

    The picker itself is quite a simple tool - just choose your preferred starting 11 and formation from the drop down boxes and click Submit!

    Please Note: It will only let you select your team once a week (Sun-Sat) so please choose carefully.
    The team list should have all the players from the squad (including any unfit or suspended players!)

    Feel free to post comments after using the tool and I welcome all suggestions/criticism/noticed-errors by email:

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    Default Re: Championship Team Picker v2.0

    That's quite good, that is.

    I found myself struggling to find enough midfielders for my formation so Perch went from Right Back into central mid again.

    We need McGugan back soon.




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