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    Default Re: Interesting article

    It never happened.

    Its exactly what would've happened if it were the case- but what hes talking about genuinely never actually occured. Its one of those great internet myths.

    Microsoft was never working on a secret project to bridge xbox live and pc's, nor was one abadoned.

    The closest they came was when they went full on and released shadowrun, where 360 players and pc players could play against each other.

    They didnt bother doing it again, not because of pc gamers slaughtering console players- but because the sales were extremely poor and it cost alot to implement whilst not running very smoothly cross platform.

    The main factor was it threw up all sorts of problems with pc users refusing to pay for the multiplayer component, but still having to access live through it. As everyone knows, xbox owners have to pay for live, so it caused problems for microsoft. Do they give pc owners free access....or do they charge for it, and lose game sales?

    Twas a logistical nightmare

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    Default Re: Interesting article

    I suspect it's exactly what would happen with fps shooters though....more importantly why has no console actually designed a way for a normal pc keyboard and mouse to work? If nothing else texting conversations on live or home is a bloody nightmare

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    Default Re: Interesting article

    My wireless keyboard and mouse works in my PS3 fine.

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    Default Re: Interesting article

    I think the main reason is that down the years many companies have tried to put keyboards on to their systems, and they've never really taken off.




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