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Are they that retarded?
Looks that way, although anyone salivating on him coming to the City Ground is equally retarded as he really isn't that good a player, he's completely over rated.

Anyway, the bid hasn't been turned down so something is happening with it, I'd imagine that Whittingham will be requesting a move away soon to whoever as the players have been asked to defer all their bonuses and appearance fees until the end of next season and top of this the players haven't been paid on time for the past four months.

Add to the fact that Cardiff are completely up shit creek financially - they have the tax man taking them to court for the umpteenth time, they still owe money for the three players they signed last season in Chopra, Quinn and Hudson plus they did an early 2010 - 2011 season ticket release half way through last season at a reduced price to 'get new signings in during the january window' but spunked it all keeping the tax-man at bay for a few more days.

Anyway, bollocks to Whittingham, hes fakkin crap, get Chris Burke in. He is class.