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    Default PS3/Xbox 360 Leagues....

    Any of you guys interested in one? I am a regular poster on another football forum called Soccer 24-7 and we have plans in place to set up a league with the release of this years edition of FIFA.

    Basically we're looking for interest to help us push this league through as we're looking at starting up a Premiership campaign with 20 odd players. At present we have about 6 PS3 users with the new FIFA; yes lol I know however a few American based members will be getting it in due course. So we need you to come in and make up our numbers and hopefully you can get yourself a MU and Chelsea out the bunch

    All we want is players who are fair players, so no quitters please. We don't care what your skill is, and hope you'll enjoy a bit of banter with other members.

    So if you are interested PM me or just check it out. Xbox needs alot of interest though to get up and running


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    Default Re: PS3/Xbox 360 Leagues....

    Defo interested in the Xbox league!




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