Your first concert?


I Piss Excellence
What was the first concert you ever attended?

Mine was Iron Maiden in Charlotte NC in 2012; was an absolutely phenomenal time. And am actually going to see them again this October.:D


A. Trialist
Oasis, 1997, Earl‘s Court, absolutely brilliant. The brothers Gallagher at their best, small inside venue, great memories…


Steve Chettle
Mine was this. Then The Sutherland brothers and Quiver at the Albert hall Nottingham.

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A none cap wonder
My first was Westlife. My last was Tim Minchin.

Apart from free tickets to Rihanna at the Stadium of Light (because she couldn’t sell tickets), that’s my lot.

And I care not one jot as I’m an old fashioned raver.


#1 Forest fan in NA
First was a rapper named Isaiah Rashad, from Kendrick Lamar’s label, and it was in a small venue in Oakland CA. really awesome night, even Rashad was passing the blunt around.


Jack Armstrong
'78 or '79, The Ian Hunter Band featuring Mick Ronson. Special Guest David Johansen. Meat Loaf even showed up and did the encore with Ian and the boys.
Richfield (Ohio) Coliseum.


John Robertson
I was there too!

It wasn’t my first though.

I think my first was Big Country at Rock City in 1984.

Wet wasn’t it! I’ve actually got a double vinyl bootleg of the gig somewhere. I remember hating REM for years they were so bad, then when I did get into them I read they listed that as their worst gig ever.

Thinking about it I may have been to an Alarm gig just before this as they were our local band.


Viv Anderson
First proper one was Prodigy at G-Mex in Manchester in 1996/7 I think. Supported by Foo Fighters


First Team Squad
Blind Guardian, followed the next day by In Flames. 2010ish. (2009? 2011?) Details hazy. Too much alcohol. Too much singing at the top of my lungs.


Warp Speed Chic
My first was Prodigy as well, but at the Hallam FM Arena in 2009, supported by Dizzee Rascal.

Last was Kate Nash. Been to see 223 different people in all. Not bad in 13 years.
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Matchday Squad
Erasure in peebrah in about ‘87 , was pretty good from what I remember.

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Geoff Thomas
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - must have been around 87 at Leicester DeMontford with the Railway Children playing support. Excellent.

Captain Sinister

Senior doom Monger
I have been wracking my aging little grey cells, but cannot for the life of my remember: was it Mungo Jerry, at Carlton Le willows Grammar School in 1971? Or was it Van Der Graaf Generator at Digby College also around that time. Or it might have been a band at the Boat Club... East of Eden (remember Jig a Jig?), or Curved Air & Black Sabbath at the albert Hall?
Or were there earlier events?
Maybe Fleetwood Mac in cornwall (might have been 1969, or thereabouts).
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