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Something a little bit special tonight; for the annual Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart, each of the local breweries brews a one-off, limited edition Volksfest Bier for the festival itself, and small quantities are available to buy in advance of the Festival - this is the offering from the local Schwaben Bräu brewery:


It is a lovely smooth, Helles-style Bier, packed with flavour. I was fortunate enough to pick up a four-pack when they launched it a couple of weeks ago.

(PS - if you want to learn more about the Volksfest, please see here: https://www.cannstatter-volksfest.de/en/landing-page/ - if you ever fancy visiting Stuttgart, the Volksfest, in late September, and its companion spring festival in April, are a must; kind of like the famous München Oktoberfest, but with less pissed tourists).
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