What are you drinking? (Sponsored by Congo_Red)


Has he singed yet?
Ha! There was only one in my mind and it is indeed Mad Squirrel. And they have a great little bar beside the cathedral in St Albans. Highly recommended


Orel Mangala Fan Club
Is that the same pub you were at the other day?

It is indeed; my favourite local watering hole, „Palast der Republik“ on the Freidrichstraße.

It is a local institution, a proper, no-frills bar, plastered with stickers and counter-cultural memorabilia. The bar itself is actually about the size of a typical garage, but it has an outdoor area adjacent to Freidrichstraße and Theodor-Hueß-Straße, which is about the size of two tennis courts, with open benches where you just plonk yourself down.

When the weather is good (typically about 9-10 months of the year in Stuttgart) you can always find locals hanging about, enjoying a Bier in the sunshine.

No food, just Bier, and Cash only. But the absolute best spot for people-watching in „Stuggi“.


Orel Mangala Fan Club
After the rather enjoyable women’s beach volleyball in the Schloßplatz earlier, I’ve had to adjourn to my favourite watering hole for a Schwaben Bräu:


I think I’m too old to be watching beach volleyball. Jolly entertaining though.


Steve Chettle
Raki. Plenty of it. With friends and delicious mezes, as is the right way to drink.

As I may have said again, the greatest bullshit in the history of philosophy is Sartre's "L'enfer c'est les autres" (Hell is other human beings). No, you ignorant buffoon Maurice, the others are salvation. As long as there's raki involved.
I miss Tsipouro.

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