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Ian Bowyer
America really is a mental country. From top to bottom.

And they seem to have found somebody even more of a looney than the last guy which I didn't think was possible.


#1 Forest fan in NA
damn Jordan Peterson is back to normal I guess. In his 14 minute video of him whining about getting banned off Twitter, he compared Nazi medical experiments to gender affirming surgery. and said you’re going to hell for being trans.

going full pelt for the bank rolling right wing nuts.


Geoff Thomas
It's stopped being news now - its just another day - another mass shooting in America. Its not even worth the usual "what can we do about this" line because its gotten to the stage that America just has to admit they have a gun addiction and that for anyone who wants to try and do anything about its impossible because they are enough people not prepared/willing/able to tackle it.

It's especially ironic that the far right in particular will talk about the need to be armed to defend against the deep state - but what could be more deep state than a cabal of gun owners/makers/politicians who are willing to defy the will of the majority of the public to keep guns that that are useful for one thing and one thing only to threaten insurrection and defy the will of the majority and the organs of state - and because of that every citizen is now a hostage and has a target on their back for anyone with an issue as its the only way they can deal with things...


Geoff Thomas
I just read this and it's hard to conceive of a situation like this anywhere else in the world

"Gun violence in Chicago tends to rise over holiday weekends – as the hot weather sends people outdoors. In 2021, over 100 people were shot and 17 killed over the Fourth of July weekend in the city of Chicago."

The population of Chicago is roughly the same as Manchester around 2.6 million.... in the UK in the whole of 2020 population roughly 62 million there 30 deaths related to guns...


Grenville Morris
For fuck’s sake America. Not again:

Got plenty of friends in Chicago (we have a regional HQ there) so just hoping they’re all OK.
My immediate colleague was visiting her mother in Chicago and was caught up in it. She’s very shaken up understandably.

It’s a crazy country. I’ve never known such extremes and such tension. You never know when or where things are going to kick off


Orel Mangala Fan Club
You know, I’m old enough to remember Herschel Walker as a highly rated running back at the University of Georgia, then latterly the USFL and then the NFL.

And now he’s turned into a climate-sceptic and right-wing sympathiser.

Go on, guess who owned the team he played for in the USFL.


A none cap wonder
Twice now I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the posts made in this thread. Normally I expect it to be a mass shooting but this time is just standard mentalists.
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