Point and shoot...what can you see?


Steve Chettle
I was sat opposite in the saracens head.
I’m camping about half a mile upstream of the yofi

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We walked past the Saracens Head. Parked near the campsite and went over on one ferry, walked downstream past the rapid and back and back over on the other.

Lovely venison burger and pint of cider overlooking the river.

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Matchday Squad
It’s been a cracking day , we skipped the ferry and walked about fifty minutes down stream to a bridge and then up to the saracens head , had lunch then came back over on the ferry
Have been in a three pint stupor since and just keep topping up.

We did Ross to SY yesterday on a canoe , we do it every year and it’s a great way to empty your head , saw a bloody huge salmon jump out the water , must have been 8lb

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Steve Chettle
We were sat right in the middle of that row of tables, but looks like you missed us.

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Your name vill also go on ze list
Sunderland has fantastic beaches which slip under the radar

the cat and dog steps at the “cat and dogs“ as it’s known locally,

Brian Clough made no secrets this was a favourite place of his


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Stuart Pearce
Polarising filter which will give the sky that lushes deep blue colour (it does other stuff as well) it's just that the sky in the second shot was a much deeper blue. Must be real then!


Steve Chettle
And did anyone else see the fantastic Saturday evening sunset, when the sky was lit with the most amazing colours, brought about by the amount of Saharan dust brought north by the prevailing wind? This was taken by Mrs s on her mobile phone camera:

Flaming Sunset by Captain Sinister, on Flickr
Used to get that alot in Greece. Usually just after I'd washed my bloody car.

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