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Morgan Anthony Gibbs-White

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Yeah I’m not necessarily saying MGW is better. I just don’t think palmer is anywhere near the standard of Foden or Bellingham and is maybe similar in level to MGW. He is however younger and less experienced so you’d imagine he’ll only get better. Will MGW get any better? Maybe slightly
I used to think the same, but there was a goal he scored in the latter half of the season that absolutely blew me away. I don't recall whch game it was, but he nutmegged someone, laid it off with an unbelievable touch, and when it came back he did the most sublime placed finish from outside the box.

It was the sort of goal you just can't score unless your football brain is among the best of the best. I think he'll be a difference maker for England this summer.


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Villa are in the same boat as us, right up against psr limits. They were the main club pushing for an increase for this season based on inflation.


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