LTLF Forum Logo Challenge!!


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Sorry Bona....I disagree, it has to be a different font. If I were painting this for a customer I most definitely would insist on different font in the "Fucjing G Wot Karate" to the one in the main banner.
BTW... top work Harvey.
Cheers rocka!


Free Kick Specialist
I'm thinking (but have no actual 'shop talent to do it)

With a forest badge instead of the S
with Steve Cooper's face instead of spiderman's
holding a flag saying G Wot Karate

with LTLF under it in the same lettering as the forest on the crest

Master Yates

John Robertson
Some good efforts so far but I’m going to have to vote for Alf.

I like the way both the “L”s in LTLF were actually cocks shooting jizz

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Steve Chettle
Oh the new tophat emoji isn't as good as the old one though!

Have this gif instead:

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