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Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Complete Registration' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.

The LTLF Forum is a community and as such we ask you to respect the rules set out by the community itself. While we encourage free speech above all else, there may be occasions when it is necessary for the moderators to take action against members who abuse the facilities. We will not tolerate the following:

Personal abuse aimed towards other members (retaliation doesn’t count as a defence!)

Posts that incite racial or sexual hatred or are likely to cause offence to fair-minded people.

Posts that promote, incite or threaten violence, especially relating to football hooliganism.

Material of an explicit nature or links to the same.

Spamming or excessively pointless posting.

Excessive use of bad language or attempts to get around the swear filter (it stops some firewalled users gaining access and there’s no need)

Comments that could be considered libellous under British law (see for more details)

Any unauthorised advertising.

Posts that are unlawful in any other way.

Attempts to maliciously impersonate another member or real person.

Any attempts to deliberately disrupt or slow down the forum, or to cause harm to other users, using these facilities.

Anyone found to re-register to circumvent a previous ban will continue to be banned, repeated abuse will result in the original ban period extended.

As of September 2008, anyone judged by the moderating team to have broken any of these rules will be given a 'yellow card'. The card will be shown below their user name and they will have restricted posted privileges. The yellow card will be rescinded after a period of improved conduct. If a member with a yellow card continues to breach forum rules, they will be issued with a 'red card'. This will result in a ban from the forum for a period to be decided by the mod team. In some cases the ban may be permanent. We also reserve the right to issue straight red cards in certain cases. If you see a post that you are concerned about, please use the ‘Report to moderator’ link at the bottom of each post. Feel free to contact the moderating team by PM or email if you have any questions about the forum rules.

Forum guidelines

These are not rules as such, but we also ask you to observe the following requests when posting:
Try to make thread titles as descriptive as possible.

Avoid using 'Txt-speak' and generally try to maintain a high level of language for the benefit of people reading your posts (exponents of bad English will be made into 'Chavs' until they are shamed into writing properly)

Please post threads in the appropriate forum

Please check the forum to make sure there isn't already a topic that you could reply to, rather than start a new thread.

If quoting an article or someone else’s work, remember to include an acknowledgement to the author and, if possible, a link to the original article.

Please show respect and courtesy towards other users.

We welcome away fans to join in the banter, but please don't try any abusive stuff. You won't get a rise out of us and will just be wasting your time as much as ours.

Please also observe the conditions set by the makers of the software, which you agreed to when registering. We also recommend that you read our disclaimer and indemnities document before using our site.
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