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Yeah I’m onboard with this as well. Our keeper situation was poor and borderline shambolic really. Get 3 decent keepers in the squad.


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If this is cover for Turner and not too high wages then this doesn't seem too bad as if he was first choice really.

He was half decent for Leics towards the end and though he's a bit of a tool would be fine if Turner got injured or suspended.

We'd then have Turner > Schmeichel > Hennessey and could loan out Shelvey and boil Horvath for glue, job done

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I sometimes wonder what you lot look like on here.

I see finely tuned athletes (in comparison to me) whereas folk on here see fatties

I’m a balding fat **** but I can grow a good stache.

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II know you are Rich.A fine, shiny coat if ever I saw one.

Not really, I'm more like the opening lines to fleetwood macs "oh well"

Can't help about the shape I'm in
Can't sing, I ain't pretty and my legs are thin...
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