Does anyone remember League 1 Derby County?


Ian Bowyer
I've seen a few comments as well that talk about games being moved for TV...

Sky don't give a shit about League One do they? Be lucky if you get 4 games a season on telly down there
They normally get one game during the international break, that's about it.


Jack Burkitt
One of the things I've learnt through all this is how much the moneymen hide behind the media's voice not only push their own narrative but give them their own plausible deniability when things go sideways.

Team Kirchner used Alan Nixon and made him look a complete nob when CK pulled out.
Mike Ashley has the ear of Sky Sports and is using them to put the word out and pressure on
Applebly seems to get his side of things out via John Percy when required.

It's one big game. Nothing 'official' from the parties that matter but that doesn't stop the shots being fired 'unofficially'. Even The EFL and Quantuma hide behind little leaky journos.


Youth Team
Got a couple of days in July left for anyone wanting to stake a claim

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X 22nd June - Marino Rahmberg
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24th June - Redemption
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27th June - Vikare
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1st July - Viktor
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3rd July - Canadian_red
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Red Dawn

John Robertson
Derby gonna get me paid again.. some good intro offers for BetVictor, 888Sport and William Hill


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Your name vill also go on ze list
Four if you include off the pitch.
Mansfield have no chance off the pitch because Derby are founder members of the football league don’t you know, and with 30000 in attendance every week and massive away followings🤨, and a new pitch

personally I hope they don’t get the chance to play em once this season , f@ck em, get em gone

I'm Red Till Dead

John Robertson
Ok been away from my computer for a while but as far as I can see, apart from the release of some details on fixtures they may or may not get to play, as far as Derby are concerned

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