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Fantastic win, that last session was incredible!
Clearly the feel good factor in Nottingham has rubbed off on the England Cricket team!

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Rather miffed that I missed watching it. Other half comes home from work and commandeers the Sky box so I end up upstairs with the BBC app. :cautious:

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Popped by Trent Bridge on my way home from work, was told that I could get in for free if someone came out and was prepared to hand on their ticket. I waited about two minutes for this to happen. I got to watch the final session in the sun with a cold beer. Nice.

Double fair play to Notts CCC and my ticket donor.


Your name vill also go on ze list
What an advert for cricket in general, special mention to NCCC for free entry, lots of first timers at the cricket today will want to go again, TB looked glorious.

groundsman deserves a pat on the back pitch made the game.

Headingley take note …….. free last day, pack em in.


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Bairstow and Stokes making their Cape Town partnership a few years back look like Boycott and Atherton trying to save a draw.

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Yes. There are a number of options on their website depending on how old you are, whether you want to join with someone else and (bizarrely) how far you live from Trent Bridge

Is that all formats Proff?
Yes-I attended Grace Road for the last 2 days.
It was pretty one-sided after Notts scored at over 5 runs an over-the innings of Ben Duckett was outstanding yesterday.
I expect Notts to feature in the top division of the County Championship next season.
I don't think they've decided on the format for next season yet - could be 3 divisions and Notts still in Division 2.

I prefer the two stage leagues that they did last year.


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It's more proof of the ECB's utter incompetence that Nottinghamshire, having been one of the top sides in the country last year, started life in Division 2 this season, not knowing exactly what prize they would be playing for, yet with the distinct probability that even if they are run away winners of the League they may still find themselves in Division 2 next year.
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