Cricket thread!

bob bobson

Viv Anderson
Seeing as the british cricket season is about to start, I thought we could get some cricket discussion on here.


Has he singed yet?
Notts to win the league, Derbyshire to be relegated. :yes:

Should be down Trent Bridge a fair amount this season, my dads got a season ticket so i might join him for the odd cup game.


Gaff Lad
yep... love Notts hate Derbyshire.

Went to the County ground two years ago (T20) My Nephew (aged 9 at the time) wore his Forest shirt under his coat. He was spat at by two DCFC fans (aged around 40yrs )

Love going to to Trent Bridge as and when I can... a trophy or two this year for Notts me thinks..:1st:


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The second video scoreboard at Trent Bridge has now been fitted & is working. :)



Jack Burkitt
Cricket is boring. There is no place for it in a football forum. Delete this thread at once.


I've pretty much got a free season ticket to any 4 Day Essex game of my choosing, so shall be supporting the Essex Boys!

Actually, I am doing a bit of work with Essex Cricket Club, corporate side mainly, but meeting players and coaching staff has been interesting.

Going to have a beer with James Foster in the next couple of weeks with a mutual pal!


Jack Armstrong
Cricket's fucking brilliant! I'm sorry, but you've got to get with it and realise its superiority.

Only twenty20 mind. Can't be doing with all that 5 day nonsense.


John Robertson
even this thread is making me yawn!!! Although Flintoff does have a road named after him in Preston - it's about 20 yards long and only has our doctors surgery on it. It's more of an extension of Sainsburys car park in all honesty!


Ian Bowyer
I expect you'd be excited about the new season if Ricky Ponting was in your team.

So I am. :yes: And Graeme Smith too. And KP when he's not busy.
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