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Brennan Price Johnson


Grenville Morris
He's apparently doing very well off the bench for them but has been indifferent as a starter. Decent returns for the lad - nothing I wouldn't have expected from him... and he'll only get better.
I'd say it was always gonna be difficult for him to reach the consistency of a top 6 side with that move. According to spurs forum, he is living up to the hype, compared to how they were Around jan


Viv Anderson
If only it were that simple as keeping him.
We literally replaced him with Elanga who has made 12 goal contributions already despite a short spell out injured and having Origi picked ahead of him a few times. Johnson may well have done even better of course in his stead, but you can only pick eleven players.


Bob McKinlay
Elanga for Johnson and £32m in the bank is about the only good thing the club has done this year.


Geoff Thomas
We needed Elanga and Johnson and maybe not two keepers and a £35m midfielder or a loan striker on £100k a week.

I like Elanga a lot and he would 100% be in my starting XI but I dont think he is better than Johnson at all. But it would have been great to have a season with both.

Gyros Peter

Sauce salad?
I'd have loved Johnson for another year here, but it's one of those that made sense for all parties in the end. Not looking forward to seeing him this weekend mind...
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